How many NFL teams in Cleveland Ohio?

Updated: 12/23/2022
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Q: How many NFL teams in Cleveland Ohio?
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Is there any NFL teams in Ohio?

Yes, the Cleveland Browns.

Which football team plays home games in Ohio?

Professional Teams (NFL): Cincinnati Bengals and Cleveland Browns other than that, there are many College level teams, such as the Ohio State Buckeyes

Which football teams play in Ohio?

There are two teams that play in the state of Ohio. These two teams are The Cleveland Browns and the Cincinnati Bengals. These two teams are very popular in the nfl.

How many sports teams doe Ohio have?

If you are talking about professional sports, we have( yes i live in ohio): Cleveland,Ohio;the Cleveland Caveliers(nba) columbus,Ohio Columbus Cruise(professional soccer team..league) Cincinnati,Ohio Cincinnati bengals(nfl) Cleveland,Ohio Cleveland Browns(nfl) Cleveland,Ohio Cleveland Indains(MLB) cincinnati,Ohio Cincinnati Reds(MLB) Even though they are a college team i can't leave out our Ohio State Buckeyes basketball (10th seed in the country).

How many NFL football teams does Ohio have?

1 the Cleveland Browns

What football teams play their home games in cities located in Ohio?

NFL: Cincinnati Bengals and Cleveland BrownsCincinnati Bengals

What are some sport teams in Ohio?

Cleveland Browns (NFL), Cleveland Cavaliers (NBA), Cleveland Indians (MLB)Cincinnati Bengals ( NFL), Cincinnati Reds (MLB)Columbus Blue Jackets (NHL)Columbus Crew (MLS)

Which sports teams play home games in cities located in Ohio?

NBA: Cleveland Cavaliers NHL: Columbus Blue Jackets NFL: Cleveland Browns, Cincinnati Bengals MLB: Cincinnati Reds, Cleveland Indians

Who out of Ohio state and Michigan has NFL pro bowlers?

Both teams have had many players play in the NFL Pro Bowl.

How many NFL teams do not have a logo on their helmets?

None!Answer:The Cleveland Browns are the only NFL team without a logo on their helmets.

What NFL team's home games are in Ohio?

The Cleveland Browns

What are the major sports teams in Ohio?

MLB - Cleveland Indians, Cincinnati RedsNFL - Cleveland Browns, Cincinnati BengalsNBA - Cleveland CavaliersNHL - Columbus Blue JacketsMLS - Columbus Crew