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Q: How many NFL teams have won a playoff game since 2000?
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How many teams have won a playoff game since the Dallas Cowboys last won one?

65 teams have won a playoff game since the 96' Cowboys Supepr Bowl

Are the Dallas Cowboys and the Detroit Lions the only NFL teams not to win a playoff game since 2000?

No, the Bills, Bengals, Browns, Texans and Chiefs are also winless.

Which professional football teams have not won a playoff game in this decade?

the cardinals

Who wins in baseball wildcard when the teams are even?

they go to a 1 game playoff

2000 Wild Card Playoff game to seal the Saints first playoff victory?

Brian Milne

What NBA teams have never won a NBA playoff game?

Charlotte Bobcats only...

Most points scored together by 2 teams in a NFL playoff game?


Where was the last NBA playoffs played at?

Playoff game locations are determined by the teams that are playing.

Do the stats from a one game playoff count for the season stats in MLB?

Yes. A tiebreaker game to determine playoff berth is not considered a playoff game, since it is not a playoff game it counts toward your regular season statistics. Also, playoff games do not count toward either season or career statistics.

When is the last time the dolphins played the raiders in a playoff game?


What is the most runs scored by a team or both teams in an NCAA college baseball playoff game?


What 2 NFL Teams have never won road playoff game?

houston texans and arizona cardinals