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Q: When is the last time the dolphins played the raiders in a playoff game?
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What NFL playoff won a playoff game with the most turnovers in a win?


What NFL team beat the Miami Dolphins in the 1999 playoff game?

which NFL team beat the Miami Dolphins in the 1999 playoff game

Last time raiders won a playoff game?


Who won raiders or dolphins football game?

dolphins 33-17

Who did the Pittsburgh Steelers win their first playoff game against?

The Steelers defeated the Oakland Raiders for their first playoff victory. The game was played on December 23, 1972 and the final score was 13-7.

Did the Dolphins lose to the Raiders in AFC championship game?

No. The Dolphins defeated the Raiders in the only AFC Championship Game showdown of their histories, in 1973, 27-10.

Who was the quarterback for the AFC divisional playoff game for the Miami Dolphins in 2000?

The quarterback for the playoff games of the 1999 season that were played in 2000 was Dan Marino. The 62-7 loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars on January 15, 2000 was Marino's final game as a professional. The quarterback for the 2000 season was Jay Fiedler. He started both playoff games for the 2000 Dolphins that were played in January, 2001.

The 2001 Patriots playoff game aka Snow Bowl was against what team?

Oakland raiders

What are the release dates for NFL Follow Your Team Dolphins - 2007 Week 11 Raiders at Dolphins Game Highlights 2008-10?

NFL Follow Your Team Dolphins - 2007 Week 11 Raiders at Dolphins Game Highlights 2008-10 was released on: USA: November 2008

Who scored the Dolphins first touchdown ever?

The first ever regular season TD in Miami Dolphins history was scored by Joe Auer on a 95 yard return of the opening kickoff in the Dolphins first regular season game played against the Oakland Raiders on September 2, 1966. The Raiders won that game 23-14.

When is the next Cowboys game being played?

The next Cowboys game being played is with the Miami Dolphins on August 4th, 2013, Hall of Fame, and then it continues with August 9th, Oakland Raiders.

When was the last time the jets won 2 playoff games?

Prior to the 2009 season playoffs when the Jets defeated the Bengals and Patriots, the last time the Jets won two playoff games in one season was the 1982 season playoffs when they defeated the Bengals and Raiders and then lost to the Dolphins in the AFC Championship game. The Jets also won two playoff games in the 1968 season. That year they defeated the Raiders in the AFL championship game and the Colts in Super Bowl III.

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