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54 playrs

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Q: How many Muslims are there in real Madrid football club?
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How many football trophies has Real Madrid football club won?

107 trophies

How many Muslims are there in Chelsea football club?


How many time did football club Barcelona defeated real Madrid football club?

Including the game on 11/29/10, FC Barcelona defeated Real Madrid 82 times.

Who does Cristiano Ronaldo play soccer for?

He plays football, street football and many more.

How many world cups has real Madrid been in?

Real Madrid are a club not a country.

How many Muslims in real Madrid?

Maybe 2, Nuri Sahin and Hamit Altintop.

How many Africa footballers have play football in real Madrid?


How many soccer world cups has Barcelona won?

The World Cup is an international event played between nations, not clubs. The equivalent for club football is the FIFA Clubs' World Cup (and before it the Intercontinental Cup), which Barcelona has won once. Real Madrid has won three.

How many times has Real Madrid beat Barcelona in football?

Barcelona Beat Real Madrid For 64 times

How many trophies real Madrid won in the last 5 football season?

Real madrid has 3446 trophies, Way more then Barsa

Where can one find information about the Sunderland Football Club?

There are many places where one can find information about the Sunderland Football Club. One can find information about the Sunderland Football Club at popular on the web sources such as Kitbag and the official Sunderland Football Club website.

Who is own real Madrid?

Like many clubs in Spain, the club is owned by it's members.