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Nine that I could locate through a search on the internet, although there may be more though:

Georgia Soccer Centre

215 Robinson Drive

Fayetteville, GA 30214

Phone: 770-460-8785

The Soccer Barn

14295 Birmingham Hwy.

Milton, GA 30004


Wolf's Indoor Soccer

1126 King Industrial Dr. Marietta, GA

Score Indoor Soccer

1245 Oakley Industrial Blvd.

Fairburn GA

Elite Indoor Soccer Academy.

2314 Danbury Lane.


Marietta Indoor Soccer

316 Cobb Pkwy SE

Marietta, GA 30062

The Soccer Academy

327 Arcado Road

Lilburn GA 30047

One-Touch Soccer

3200 Atlanta Industrial Parkway NW

Atlanta, GA 30331-1034

Suwanee Indoor

4285 Brogdon Exchange

Suwanee, GA 30024

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Q: How many Indoor Soccer facilities in Georgia?
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How many players are on an indoor soccer team?

A indoor soccer team (or a futsal team) has 5 player, one goalkeeper and four field players.

How many indoor soccer fields in US?

There is about 120 different ones.

How many seasons are there in soccer?

there are 2 seasons for soccer, fall and spring but also sometimes people play soccer (professionals) in the summer and sometimes play futsul (indoor soccer for brazil)

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How many people are on the field of an under 14 indoor soccer team?

5 on the field, 6 including the goalie.

What types of indoor sports are popular for kids?

Kids usually enjoy most indoor sports. The current most popular ones include indoor soccer, racquetball, squash, ping pong, gymnastics, bowling, and many others.

How many players does indoor soccer have?

I normally play 12v12 on an outdoor field.When we play indoor, however, we play 6v6. Number of players may vary according to age and size of the field.

How many miles run in an indoor soccer game?

There are two halves of 25 minutes each. Halftime can range from 5 to 10 minutes, so you end up with an indoor game taking anywhere from 55 minutes to an hour.

How many people play in a soccer game?

22, eleven per team (10 field players and the goalkeeper).

Is soccer played in every country with the same rules?

Soccer is the most famous and most played sport around the world today. There have been different variations of football in various localities, like the Futsal which is played indoor on hard floors (popular in Spain, Japan, and Brazil), Indoor Arena soccer which is popular in Europe, and beach football which is popular in Greece, Turkey, and Spain.