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He didn't he was quite fond of smoking though.

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53 years (born February 6, 1895 - died August 16, 1948)

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Babe Ruth never did drugs.

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Q: How long did Babe Ruth use chewing tobacco?
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How long did Babe Ruth play for the braves?

Babe Ruth played one year for the Boston Braves, in 1935.

How long ago did Babe Ruth die?

Babe Ruth dies 63 years ago on August 16th 1948.

How old would babe Ruth be if he were still alive?

babe Ruth died in 1948! (long time ago!) although if he was still alive he would be 114.

What were Babe Ruth's jobs?

I do not believe that Babe Ruth had a job other than playing baseball. He did make extra money doing endorsements for companies like the ESSO Oil company, and many products such as underwear, Tobacco, Candy, cereal, and sporting goods.

What's the difference between straight-cut and long-cut chewing tobacco?

straight is a flavor where as long is the cut of the tobacco (the length of the tobacco)

How long will chewing tobacco stay fresh?

8 hours

How heavy was Babe Ruth's bat?

Babe Ruth's bat weighed 42 ounces and was 36 inches long. He used a 52-ounce bat when he wanted to send it out of the park. Go Ducks!

Does the chewing tobacco longhorn carry the fake stuff like jerky?

no your an idiot. long horn is still tobacco

How long should you wait to apply for Life insurance after quiting chewing tobacco?

Chewing tobacco underwriting varies by company. Some life insurance companies will consider you to be a tobacco user for 1 year after you quit chewing. The good news is that there are some life insurance companies that could care less about chewing tobacco and will offer you their non-tobacco life insurance rates today! In fact, you could chew tobacco at your insurance paramed exam and still qualify for non-tobacco rates.

What is the difference between chewing tobacco and natural tobacco?

Chewing tobacco refers to a form of smokeless tobacco furnished as long strands of whole leaves and consumed by placing portion of the leaf between the cheek and gum or by chewing, and is dried. Natural tobacco is tobacco: an agricultural product processed from the leaves of plants in the genus Nicotiana; It is alive and in the ground and growing. Natural tobacco can also be known as the Flowering Tobacco Plant, which is a fragrant flower found in many gardens.

How old is Babe Ruth now?

Babe Ruth died on August 16, 1948 in New York, NY at the age of 53.1948-2011= 63 years old (Babe Ruth now)

How long did Babe Ruth play for?

Babe Ruth 1914-1935Babe Ruth played 22 years from 1914-1935.He played with the Boston Red Sox from 1914-1919, the New York Yankees from 1920 -1934, and the Boston Braves in 1935.