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1930-05-16.Rugby LeagueThere is a lot that has changed in music since 1930

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The viewing of the game as changed, people can watch it on their iphones and ipads. It has easier access to the game itself. The website of Rugby league is increasingly changing with their often updates and videos and Technology itself within the rugby league has made the game much more fairer, with it's different angle views of the players (incase of a knock on, or near try experience) and video ref where a big screen shows everyone wheater it was a TRY OR NO TRY.

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The only way rugby has changed is that it isn't played on a football pitch. Rugby was invented by William Webb Ellis. He was playing football at a football school for boys (now known as a rugby school for boys) and he picked up the ball, ran with it and put it down behind the line.


The rules have developed substantially since the 1800's. There was originally equal sides of any number to make 2 teams

There were actual goals as in soccer which you could kick to if you placed a ball on or over the goal line - This allowed you to TRY for a goal. The placing of the ball then became a scoring event'

In 1862 a new set of rules were established at Cambridge University. These specified 11-a-side, an umpire from each side plus a neutral referee, goals 12ft across and up to 20ft high. An offside rule was added. A man could play a ball passed to him from behind, so long as there were three opponents between him and the goal. It was also decided that each game should only last one hour and a quarter. The first game under these rules took place between the Old Etonians and Old Harrovians in November, 1862.

On 8th December, 1863, the FA published the Laws of Football.

1. The maximum length of the ground shall be 200 yards, the maximum breadth shall be 100 yards, the length and breadth shall be marked off with flags; and the goal shall be defined by two upright posts, eight yards apart, without any tape or bar across them.

2. A toss for goals shall take place, and the game shall be commenced by a place kick from the centre of the ground by the side losing the toss for goals; the other side shall not approach within 10 yards of the ball until it is kicked off.

3. After a goal is won, the losing side shall be entitled to kick off, and the two sides shall change goals after each goal is won.

4. A goal shall be won when the ball passes between the goal-posts or over the space between the goal-posts (at whatever height), not being thrown, knocked on, or carried.

5. When the ball is in touch, the first player who touches it shall throw it from the point on the boundary line where it left the ground in a direction at right angles with the boundary line, and the ball shall not be in play until it has touched the ground.

6. When a player has kicked the ball, any one of the same side who is nearer to the opponent's goal line is out of play, and may not touch the ball himself, nor in any way whatever prevent any other player from doing so, until he is in play; but no player is out of play when the ball is kicked off from behind the goal line.

7. In case the ball goes behind the goal line, if a player on the side to whom the goal belongs first touches the ball, one of his side shall he entitled to a free kick from the goal line at the point opposite the place where the ball shall be touched. If a player of the opposite side first touches the ball, one of his side shall be entitled to a free kick at the goal only from a point 15 yards outside the goal line, opposite the place where the ball is touched, the opposing side standing within their goal line until he has had his kick.

8. If a player makes a fair catch, he shall be entitled to a free kick, providing he claims it by making a mark with his heel at once; and in order to take such kick he may go back as far as he pleases, and no player on the opposite side shall advance beyond his mark until he has kicked.

9. No player shall run with the ball.

10. Neither tripping nor hacking shall be allowed, and no player shall use his hands to hold or push his adversary.

11. A player shall not be allowed to throw the ball or pass it to another with his hands.

12. No player shall be allowed to take the ball from the ground with his hands under any pretence whatever while it is in play.

13. No player shall be allowed to wear projecting nails, iron plates, or gutta-percha on the soles or heels of his boots.

As you see compared with today the rules are grealy different - and these are just some from the very begining. Many have changed since.

The most fundamental and profound change occurred in 1895 when the clubs from Northern England broke away to form the Northern Union. Over time this has evolved into the sport "Rugby League" which bears little relation to Rugby Union.

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ur dad

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Q: How has national rugby league evolved over the past years?
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