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Q: How far apart are the bases in coach pitch baseball?
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Is their pickling in coach pitch baseball?

i use a saw

What are the demensions of a basketball court football field tennis court and baseball field?

Basketball: 40x90 Football: 53yrdsx120yrds Baseball: bases are 90 feet apart, 60.5 from pitch to home Tenis: gay

How can i learn to pitch baseball?

tell my coach..his name is, SANRAFAEL .. His phone number is: 1874043780

What is the hottest coach pitch big barrel baseball bat?

Easton Stealth Coach Pitch Model # BCNCP1. Hands down !

What is coach pitch baseball?

Coach pitch baseball is a youth type of baseball, usually the step after T-ball and before player pitch. In coach pitch, the coaches of each team will pitch to the opposing team and with the intent of allowing the hitters to hit, or put the ball in play, rather than attempting to strike the batter out. Coach pitch is usually for ages 6-8, but can vary a year or so in age groups. Many coach pitch leagues have gone to a pitching machine rather than have the coach pitch, and will have a team player playing next to the pitch machine as a fielder.

If the coach gives you the take sign what are you doing and in what sport?

I am playing baseball. Specifally, I am batting. More specifically, the coach is telling me not to swing at the next pitch, even if it is hittable.

How a baseball and softball different?

Softball and baseball are different for several reasons. First off the ball size of a softball and baseball are different. A softball is bigger than a baseball. Also a softball is yellow and a baseball is white. Also the dimensions of the field are different. In softball the bases are 60 ft apart and the baseball bases are 90 ft apart. The fences vary and the pitchers mounds for different leagues in both, but in baseball both the pitching mound and the fences tend to be a further than in softball. The pitching motions of the two are also different. In baseball one pitches overhand and in softball they pitch underhand. The games have the same basics concept, but differ a great deal.

How many inches in between bases on a softball field?

In fast-pitch softball the bases are 60 feet apart. There are 12 inches in one foot. So 60x12=720 inches

Can you use a fast pitch softball bat at the coach pitch level?


What are the dangers of baseball?

The main dangers of baseball are being hit by a pitch and taking a line drive or grounder off the body. Also, you can pull muscles running the bases.

How do you pitch accuratly in softball?

well i can not really answer this because many people try various ways to pitch accurately i am a pitcher myself and i go to a pitching coach. if you want to pitch accurately, i suggest you go to a pitching coach.

In baseball What are the distance in feet between the bases?

In Baseball the distance in feet between the bases and home plate are 90 feet.