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Q: How do you win face offs on NHL slap shot?
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Is there fighting in NHL slap shot?


Can you have hockey fights in NHL slap shot?

No, you can't.

How do you get juniors for season mode on NHL slap shot?

u give 'em a treat

Who has the fastest slap shot in the NHL?

Zdeno Chara has the fastest slapshots in the NHL

What shot goes in more wrist shot or quick shot in the NHL?

Quick shot isn't an actual shot. I don't know where you heard it, but that's not an actual term. There is a wrist shot, slap shot, chip shot, and snap shot.

Can you create a team in NHL slap shot?

I do not believe you can create a team in NHL Slapshot. You can create players and play with a team that you can edit the players on through Season mode. But like I said I don't think you can create a whole team.

Who has the hardest or fastest wrist shot in NHL history?

An excellent wrist shot can achieve 80 mph, perhaps higher. An average speed of 50-60 mph is reasonable to assume.

How do you do a tricks in NHL 09?

your right analog stick for xbox360,ps3. its moves your stick whereever you want. just dont move it up or it shoots and down puts it winded up for a slap shot.

Which NHL player went by the nickname Boom Boom?

The player in question was Bernie Geoffrion of the Montreal Canadiens. He originated and made popular the slap shot in the 50's. When his hard shot echoed, or boomed, off the end boards his team mates began referring to him as " Boom Boom" or " the Boomer".

Is the shot that goes into the net for a goal counted as a shot on the shot clock in a nhl hockey game?

Yes, it is!

Who has the best shot ever in the NHL?

Bobby Hull

For a player dose his points add up in the NHL play-offs?

No the player get regular season points and playoff points separate