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Unfortunately an Antichop bolt is not made for the MR1, nor do I think a Anti-chop bolt would work without extensive work to the gun (valve, springs, ect)

I would suggest that you switch to a better grade of paint and an electric hopper. Both of these will massively reduce the amount of chop that you will have.

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Q: How do you put a anti chop bolt into your spyder mr1 that is top cocking?
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Spyder pilot better then the spyder pilot acs?

The Spyder pilot Acs is a Spyder pilot with an Anti-Chop System. It would be "better" than one without it because it is supposed to chop (when a ball is cut in half by the bolt before it has fully dropped) less paint.

How do you make your paintball gun stop chopping balls?

you can take the Venturi (star looking piece) out of the bolt with low profile needle nose pliers check if you have a rear cocking bolt check this is a very cheap way to make a ACS bolt the bolts shown are Spyder

What is act technology in a paintball gun?

ACT stands for anti-chop technology. Sometimes in a paintball gun the paintball does not fall all the way into the chamber. If the ball isn't all the way in and the bolt is pushed forward it can "chop" the ball in half. Anti chop technology can sense when the ball doesnt move and stops the bolt. Break beam eyes do the same thing but are more expensive

What paintball brands are good quality and will not chop paint?

A ball chop is caused by the bolt cutting off part of a ball against the feed neck, because it has shot before the ball has fallen in. There are many brands with mechanical anti-chop systems like the Tippmann ACT orSpyder ACS which work well most of the time. These work with a series of springs that decrease the bolt power when disputed, allowing the bolt to be weak enough not to destroy the ball. The best Anti-chopping mechanism is found on electric guns, called an "eye" it shoots a small beam of light across the breech, where the ball sits. If there is no ball in yet, and the beam is complete, the gun will not fire until the ball is in place. If the beam is disrupted by the ball fully in the chamber, then it will fire. Almost every marker with electronic triggers has an eye, except for Tippmann's, Spyder MR series, and other cheap electronic sear trippers.

How does the anti chop system work on the paint ball markers?

The Anti-chop system works just like a motion detector. The system sees if a paint ball is inside the chamber and if it is the paint ball with the "eyes" or system on will let the air go through and shoot the ball. If the ball is only 1/2 through the gun will not let you shoot even if you pull the trigger. Imagine if the bolt went and the ball was 1/2 way through the ball would just explode and you would most likely have to clean your gun.

Does the smart parts vibe chop paint balls?

No. The low pressure bolt minimises the chance of a ball being chopped.

Your MR1 paintball gun shoots a few balls staight then it will start chopping or they will just go swirling away from were you are there any way you can fix this?

you may need to clean the gun parts that the ball passes through or you may need to buy an anti chop bolt. Also your velocity may be to high.

What is a better moshling chop chop or Stanley?

chop chop

What does it mean to cut a paintball?

you probably mean chop, its when a paintball is not fully loaded in the breach of the marker before the bolt comes forward and chops it in half

When was Chop-Chop created?

Chop-Chop was created in 1982-06.

How much wood can a wood chopper chop?

a wood chop could chop as much wood as wood chop could chop if a wood chop could chop wood

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