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tell them that they'll get off the court

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Q: How do you make players spread out on the net ball court?
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How many volley ball players make a team?

9 players per team

Why is creating space important in a basketball game?

Space is crucial in netball. If the space is clogged up, you struggle to make successful leads, and it is easy for the defending tem to take intercepts. Attacking shooters will often set screens, this stops the defending from being able to contect the ball and allows the shooter to move in the space. This helps to open up the court. A specific style of defence to cut up the space is called a zone. Instead of defending on the player, you defend the space. This is to try and force the attacking team to throw across court and high balls, it is then easy for the defending team to read the ball and has time to move their feet and take intercepts. New Zealand are wll known for their use of the Zone defence.

How can the soccer players make contact with the ball when its in the air?

by Heading

When a ball is caught in a line out what is the name of the gathering the offensive players make to protect the ball?

It is huddle

How many players are on a competitive team of volley ball?

On a court playing, there must be 6 players. Depending on a team, you can have as many as you want, but it's hard to make substitutions with so many players. If you were a coach you would most likely want 10 players, to be on the safe side in case of injuries.

How much people make up a volley ball court?

there are 6 people on a volley ball cort

What do both soccer players and football players have in common?

They both enjoy getting hurt, and have to make sure the ball gets past or into the goal or line, so basically they both need to make sure the ball gets where they need it to be.

What is the difference between netball and volleyball?

Netball has 7 players per team: Volleyball has 6 players per team Netball has an unlimited number of ball passes between team members with attempted intercepts from the opposing team: Volleyball has a maximum of 3 ball contacts by one team before the ball must be hit to the opposing team's side of the net. Netball allows holding/carrying the ball: Volleyball does not allow a hold or carry of the ball in play. Netball has the aim of goals (balls thrown through a hoop): Volleyball has the aim of scoring points by returning the ball to the opposing teams side in such as way as to make it difficult for the opposing team to keep the ball in the air or return it. At least some Netball players from both teams are on all areas of the court: Volleyball teams players access only their half of the court on their side of the net which is strung across the court. Netball is a much more similar game to Basketball than volleyball, but has no stepping while holding the ball: only one bounce is permitted, unlike the basketball dribble, restricted player movements depending on the position played, two more players per team, no backboard to the hoop.

How is friction useful to netball players?

Friction keeps you from flying off the court.

How to play basket ball?

The ball is tossed in the air to start the game. One of the players deflects it to a teammate. It is dribbled and passed among the teammates to protect the ball and to make a goal. The basket or the hoop is placed horizontally at the height of 10 feet on a back board. Each team tries to protect the goal on their side while trying to make a goal on the opponent’s side of the court..._._Read more

How many players make up a volley ball team?

Each team will compose of about 6 or 7 players.... The seventh one might be a substitute

Where did this idiom come from'' the ball is in your court''?

This is a sports idiom -- it comes from basketball, where the "court" is the playing field. If the ball is in your court, you have control of it and it is your turn to play. This idiom means that whatever happens next is up to you.It pretty much means it is up to you to make the next move.It means, like, what happens next is up to you, you have to make the decisionThis is a sports idiom. The court is the basketball court. If the ball is on your side, or in your court, then it is your turn to move.