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You can do it one of two ways:

1. Find one of the very few placekickers who can kick that far (Sebastian Janikowski of the Raiders is an example)

2. There are settings in the main menu that allow you to modify player abilities. You can raise kicking power and accuracy.

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Q: How do you kick a 60 yard fiel goal in madden?
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What does the referee do if a goal kick shot does not go beyond the 18 yard box?

The goal kick will need to be retaken.

How far can Tanner kick a field goal?

55 yard field goal as a sophmore.

What yard do you kick the extra point goal?

Two yards out.

What is a 6 yard kick in soccer?

The "six yard" (or goal) area serves two purposes. For a goal kick, the ball has to be placed anywhere within the goal area. Secondly, if there is a dropped ball or indirect kick against the defending team inside the goal area, the ball is placed on the line nearest where the infraction occurred.

Who scored the best goal of the world?

Pele scored the worlds best goal with a 45 yard bicycle kick

How far away from the goal is a penalty kick taken?

A goal kick is a direct free-kick awarded to the defending team. It is awarded when a player from the attacking team causes the ball to cross the goal line and a goal is not awarded (for example, because the ball went wide of the goal, or a the ball crossed to goal line as a result of an indirect free-kick). A goal-kick is taken by the goalkeeper or any defending player placing the ball in his own goal area (six yard box) and hoofing the ball upfield. Technically a hoof is not compulsory, but the fast majority of goal-kicks are hoofed upfield. All members of the attacking team must leave the penalty area until the ball has left the penalty area following a goal kick. The ball must leave the penalty directly from the kick. If the kicker fails to kick the ball outside the penalty area, the kick is retaken. A goal can be scored from a goal kick, because a goal can be scored from a direct free-kick. An own-goal cannot be scored from a goal kick, because an own-goal cannot be scored from a direct free-kick. A goal kick is called a goal kick because it is taken from the goal area (six yard box). A player cannot be offside from a goal kick.

When can't a goalkeeper take kick out from his hands?

A goal keeper can not do it when he is out side of the 18 yard line mark.

What soccer actions would result in a goal kick?

If an attacking player knocks the ball past the goal line (but not in the goal), and if the goalkeeper is fouled inside his 6-yard box.

How many players from the defending team are permitted in the 18 yard box during a goal kick?

Eleven. However, the goal kick is not properly taken until it is kicked from within the goal area (six-yard box) directly out of the penalty area (18-yard box). If the ball touches any player, including defenders, before it leaves the penalty area, then the goal kick must be retaken. If the referee decides that the defenders are wasting time by intentionally preventing or making difficult the proper execution of the goal kick, the players may be cautioned for delaying the restart of play.

When did Jason elam kick 63 yard field goal?

On October 25, 1998 vs the jacksonville jaguars.

What is the longest high school field goal in west virginia?

59 yard free kick by Corey Smith:

Who held the ball for Tom Dempsey when he kicked his 63 yard field goal?

DB Joe Scarpati, #21. Click on the 'Tom Dempsey 63 yard field goal' link below to see a video of the kick.