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Q: How did Jackie Robinson feel about the wary black soldiers were treated in war?
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Why Jackie Robinson?

Jackie Robinson is the first black player to play in the MLB.

IsJakie Robinson black?

Jackie Robinson was black. He is dead now.

What is the Jackie Robinson Construction Corporation?

Jackie Robinson started the Jackie Robinson Construction Company in 1970 to build houses for low to middle income black families.

What team did Jackie Robinson play for after the black panthers?

After Jackie played on the Black Panthers he played on a team called Montreal. Then Jackie Robinson was number 42 on the Brooklyn Dogers

Who was the first black in the Olympics?

Jackie Robinson

Why is Jackie Robinson famoes in black history month?

Jackie Robinson was the first black man allowed to play in the Major Leagues during WWII.

Did Jackie Robinson have a pet?

yes jackie robinson had a pet. it was a dog named fluffy. fluffy was brown and black.

What did Jackie Robinson do in the Negro League?

because he is black

Did Jackie Robinson go to an all black school?


Who was the first black in major league?

Jackie Robinson

What did Jackie Robinson do for black history?

He stood up for the rights of black citizens.

Who you Jackie Robinson?

Jackie Robinson was the first African American baseball player who became the first black player in the major league of baseball