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Massive a lot bigger than you would think.passionate its in the blood.sunderland fans and the northeast fans in general safc and nufc are the best fans in english football.starved of success never won anything since your grandad was born but still get massive crowds even in the championship.massive away followings too.

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they dont have any

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Q: How big is Manchester United's UK fan base?
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How big is Manchester united football fan base?

pretty darm big ( biggest in the world)

Who will Manchester uniteds next signing be?

the worlds best CHRISSY WILSON who is a man utd fan and will go there anyday although he will cost united £5.00 from greatham fc

Biggest fan base team?

manchester united

What team is more popular in Manchester- Manchester City or MAchester United?

Man city has bigger fan base in Manchester bu t united has bigger fan base in the world particularly in Asia and america

Who has the biggest soccer fan base in the world?

Manchester United

Which football club has the oldest fan base?

It is Manchester United.

Which football club has the largest fan base as of 2011?

Manchester United

Which English football clubs have the largest fan base?

Manchester united

Which British football teams have the largest fan base?

Probably Manchester United.

Which soccer team has the largest worldwide fan base in Britain?

Manchester united

Who has the biggest global fanbase Chelsea or Manchester united?

Manchester United, definitely. We got the biggest fan-base on the planet.

Which football club has largest fan base?

The English club Manchester united has the largest fan base in the world, Real Madrid comes second.