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no he has not played for Manchester United.

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Q: Has puyol played for Manchester united?
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Who is the worlds best defender in soccer?

Either Nemanja Vidic (Manchester United) or Carles Puyol (Barcelona).

Who has played for both Manchester united and tottenham?

Berbetov played for tottenham and Manchester united.

Who has played for Manchester United and Newcastle United?

Nicky Butt has played for Manchester United and New Castle.

Did Gabriel Batistuta played for Manchester United?

Gabriel Batistuta has never played for Manchester United.

Has David Beckham played for Manchester united?

Yes David Beckham has played for Manchester united before

Who is the best Manchester united or Liverpool?

Liverpool and Manchester united are very close but Manchester United have played better over the last few seasons

What was the score of the last game Manchester city played Manchester united?

3-2 to manchester united

How long as evra played for Manchester united?

He has been in Manchester United since 2006.

Irish players to play for Manchester united?

How many irishmen have played for Manchester united? Over 60 Irishmen form North and South have played for Manchester United and Newton Heath

Manchester United Played Against Manchester City?

Of course they have!

For which team did Eric Cantona play?

Eric Cantona played for Leeds United and Manchester United!!

What African football players who played Manchester United?

The African footballers who played for Manchester United in the past are Clinton fortune.