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Yes David Beckham has played for Manchester United before

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Q: Has David Beckham played for Manchester united?
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What seven players played for the big 4 premiership teams and Spain?

They are David Beckham, Michael Owen, Christiano Rolando and Nickolas Anelka. They all played for Real Madrid , and Manchester united, anelka played for Arsenal.

Who are the previous wearers of number 7 for Manchester united?

former players to wear No. 7 include David Beckham Eric Cantona and Bryan Robson

Who are the most famous male soccer players?

Current famous soccer players are David Beckham of MC Milan, Cristiano Ronaldo of Manchester United, Ronaldiniho of Barcelona, Wayne Rooney of Manchester United, Thierry Henry of Barcelona and Kaka of AC Milan are some of the most famous and best players in the world apart from David Beckham who some may argue is now past his best.

How many Manchester United players have won the balloon d'Or?

There have been 4 Manchester United winners, with 4 runners-up and 3 in third place. However, Bobby Charlton, George Best and Cristiano Ronaldo were placed more than once:3rd Duncan Edwards (English, Manchester United) 19571st Denis Law (Scottish, Manchester United) 19641st Bobby Charlton (English, Manchester United) 19662nd Bobby Charlton (English, Manchester United) 19671st George Best (Irish, Manchester United) 19682nd Bobby Charlton (English, Manchester United) 19683rd George Best (Irish, Manchester United) 19713rd Eric Cantona (French, Manchester United) 19932nd David Beckham (English, Manchester United) 19992nd Cristiano Ronaldo (Portuguese, Manchester United) 20071st Cristiano Ronaldo (Portuguese, Manchester United) 2008

What English football player has won the European cup twice with two different clubs?

David Beckham (England) This is wrong - Beckham won it with Manchester United in 1999, and moved to Real Madrid in 2003, where his only victory was the 2007 la liga championship Jimmy Rimmer is correct answer.

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