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the only qb to get 1000 is mike Vick

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Q: Has an NFL quarterback rush 1000 yards?
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Who was the first NFL quarterback to pass for 1000 yards?

johnny unitas

Who was the first player in the nfl to rush for 1000 yArds and have 1000 yards RECEIVING?

1985 - Roger Craig

Where are sack yards assessed to in the NFL?

The forward progress of the quarterback, which is usually where a quarterback starts moving backwards.

What is NFL longest pass play from a quarterback to himself?

-1 yards

Which black NFL quarterback has most passing yards?

doug Williams

Who holds the most rushing yards by an NFL quarterback?

Michael Vick

What NFL quarterback has the least rushing yards?

Dan Marino

What is the yearly record for rushing yards by an NFL quarterback?

The NFL record for most rushing yards in a single season by a quarterback is 1,039, set by then Atlanta star Michael Vick during the 2006 season.

Is Brett Favre the oldest quarterback playing?

yes Brett favre is the best quarterback ever

What quarterback in the nfl holds the record for the most yards passing?

Brett Farve

Who has the record for most passing yards by a quarterback in a NFL session?

Roger Staubach

Which NFL quarterback has the most passing yards in their first game?

Cam Newton