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bratz catz, sexy princess, licour in the front poker in the back bratz catz, sexy princess,licour in the front poker in the back

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Q: Do you know any decent cheerleading names for thorpe school?
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What are good cheerleading names?

Allstar Talent

What are the names of Ian Thorpe's parents?

Ken and Margaret, dad mum and sister ChristinaMr and Mrs Thorpe! LOL

What should my school's cheerleading name be What mascot should we have. My schools called moor green school.?

Moor Green Gaters, Muscrats If you are trying to invent a green school you could use names like Ecoman or Greenie

What are some good names fofr a cheerleading team?


What are the bases names for a cheerleading stunt?

There are all different types of names; you like lifters, basers, etc.

Is there any connection between Thorpe-Tilney Hall in Lincolnshire and the names of the characters in Jane Austin's Northanger Abbey?

Yes, Thorpe-Tilney Hall is believed to have inspired the name "Thorpe" in Jane Austen's Northanger Abbey. The hall's association with the Thorpe family likely influenced Austen's choice of names for her characters. Additionally, the setting and atmosphere of Thorpe-Tilney Hall may have influenced the description of locations in the novel.

What places in England end in 'thorpe'?

Some places in England that end in "thorpe" include Althorpe, Winthorpe, and Skeltonthorpe. These names usually refer to small villages or hamlets.

What are some names of new cheerleading games?

Some of the new cheerleading games that I have heard of recently include:Ships and SailsLovers LeapBooty Bumpand Coach SaysThat is all that I can think of at the moment, sorry, hope that helped(:

What are the names of three American winners of the Olympic Decathlon?

Jim Thorpe, Dan O'Brien, Bruce Jenner

Famous athletes that last names start with T?

· Thurman Thomas (football)· Ian Thorpe (Australian swimmer - 5 Olympic gold medals)· Jim Thorpe (athlete)· Y. A. Tittle (football)· Tony Trabert (tennis)

What is the name of the cheerleading squad of the 49ers?

The names of the 49ers are David, Alex, Eric, Navaro, Tramaine, Ahamad, Terrell, Garrett, Perish, Michael, Chris, Anthony and these are just a few of the names.

What are some last names of famous athletes that begin with the letter T?

· Thurman Thomas (football) · Ian Thorpe (Australian swimmer - 5 Olympic gold medals) · Jim Thorpe (athlete) · Y.A. Tittle (football) · Tony Trabert (tennis)