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Yes, otherwise the ball has a better chance of falling out. Also if someone hits your stick the ball will probably fall out.

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in girls Lacrosse you cradle across the body

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You will look bad if you don't and will loose the ball a lot

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Q: Do you have to cradle in a lacrosse match?
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What action do you use to keep the lacrosse ball in the stick?

u cradle it

What is the advantage of using a lacroose stick?

The advantages of using a lacrosse stick are a full extended grip and a net to cradle the ball

What is a easy way to learn how to use your left hand in lacrosse?

Every day walk around your house wih lacrosse stick and a tennis ball, and just find a comfortable way to cradle with your left hand

Is the Reebok 10k shaft compatible with other lacrosse heads?

no, one example that it can't fit on is the crankshaft

Each time I start my '05 Buick Lacrosse CXL there's this shake what causes this?

If there is a bad shaking after starting a 2005 Buick Lacrosse CXL, it could mean that a motor mount is broken in the engine compartment. The motor needs to be bolted down to the frame or it will vibrate out of its cradle in the engine compartment.

How long does a lacrosse match last?

15 or 12 minute quarters in boys 25 or 20 minute halves in girls

What sports do algonquians play?

hunt the button,shinny,ball games,walk on stilts,cats cradle,and web weaving.

What is the stick used to throw the ball in lacross called?

In lacrosse, the stick is EVERYTHING. You can only touch the ball with your stick. That's how you carry it. You shoot, cradle, pass, block, and catch with the stick.

What is craddling in lacrosse?

Cradling, is a way of moving the ball from one side of the field to the other, like dribbling in basketball or dribbling with your feet in soccer. normally only girls cradle a lot in a game, boys don't as much.

What is a grain cradle?

it is a cradle for your grain.

When was Out of the Cradle created?

Out of the Cradle was created in 1988.

When was The Cradle created?

The Cradle was created in 2010.