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Q: Did luton town play in the football premier league?
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What does the Fantasy Football Premier League offer?

The Fantasy Football Premier League offers a free to play game. One can find more information about the Fantasy Football Premier League from their official website.

How many African football players play in the premier league?


Is Manchester a city rtgyhjukhgfdscfvgbhnjkmjnbvcgfgjhfduds?

NO!!!!!!! They are a football team who play in the premier league!

Will york city ever play premier league football?

No not in the near future.

What league is reading football club in?

Reading play in the Barclays Premier League

What football team was promoted to the Premier League in the play offs last season?


What football team does Nicky butt play for?

He currently plays for Newcastle, in the Premier League.

Can you be signed by premier league playing for the lowest league in England?

you can , but you will have to be really good to play for a really good football team.

Did kevin kegan play premier league football?

yes he played for newcatle liverpool and more

Is there a premier league manager that didn't play football professionally?

Andre Villas Boas and Jose Mourinho.

In which league does Scunthorpe United play?

Scunthorpe United currently plays in Football League One. This is the third tier of the English football league, below Premier League and Football League Championship. Scunthorpe United was related to Football League One in 2011 after playing three seasons in the Football League Championship tier.

Which football clubs did Andrei Kanchelskis play for?

Andrei Kanchelskis played for the USSR Cup, the Premier League, the FA Cup, the Football League Cup, the FA Charity Shield, and the European Super Cup. He also played for the Scottish Premier League, the Scottish Cup, and the Scottish League Cup.