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Q: Did 10 Liverpool players play for England in a game?
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True or false do football players in England play the same sport as football players in America and Australia?

Football players in America do not play the same game as football players in England play. The game that America calls football is the game that England calls gridiron. The game the England calls football is the game America calls soccer. acutally i live in England and we refer to Americans football as American football. imaginative i know

Where do Liverpool players live?

They can live anywhere! However depending on what club you play for (Liverpool) they are advised to stay in or close to the city. Mist Liverpool players live in Liverpool

How many players play for Liverpool football club?

a lot

What two liverpool players play for Scotland?

Danny Wilson and Charlie Adams

What football team in England did Sir Viv Richards play for?


For what club does Steven Gerrard play?

As of June 2014, Steven Gerrard plays for Liverpool, a club in England.

What does Steven Gerrard play?

Football for Liverpool FC and the England national team

How many teams did Owen play for?

liverpool, Real Madrid, Newcastle and England.

Which side does joe cole play?

joe cole plays for Liverpool and England

Are there two players at Liverpool to play with the same name?

Yes. Andrea Vorinin and Andrea Dossena

How many players can play ironman2 game?

the ironman2 game is for two players

In a game of soccer how many players play?

11 players