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Football players in America do not play the same game as football players in England play. The game that America calls football is the game that England calls gridiron. The game the England calls football is the game America calls soccer.

acutally i live in England and we refer to Americans football as American football. imaginative i know

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Q: True or false do football players in England play the same sport as football players in America and Australia?
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In America, football players. In England, soccer players.

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The national Football players are players who play for different countries or for example come to England to play for a team but they are from a different country.

How many football players in America?

Nearly 250,000

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A matchday squad is 18 players.

When is the next cricket match between Wales and Australia?

Wales and Australia do not play each other at cricket, they play at rugby and occasionally football but not cricket. In cricket Australia play England although they do have Welsh players in the team sometimes. The next match will be in July 2013 in England.

Can football players from Tanzania play in England?

Football players from Tanzania can play in the premier league provided they have a work permit. At the same time, according to the FIFA ranking, a low ranking will prevent such players from playing in England.

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Footballers in England are people who play football. In the US, they might be called soccer players.

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The Queen, David Beckham Quite a few football players Tony Blair Sorry, but Isn't David Beckham in America now?

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What football clubs players has provided England with the most goals?

Wyne Rooney

Do football players earn more in Europe or England?

It is in Europe as the best play there, as England tax is 50 percent.

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