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Currently last season,(2010),the goalies were Antti Niemi and Cristobal Huet.For the playoffs and Stanley Cup finals Antti Niemi was the goalie.Later on,both goalies weren't a part of the Chicago Blackhawks,Corey Crawford and Marty Turco replaced them.

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Q: Chicago blackhawk's goalie last season
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Tony Amonte Chicago Blackhawks 1999-2000 Season

What year was Bobby Orr's last hockey season?

1978-79, with the Chicago Blackhawks.

What team did Bobby Orr play his last NHL game for?

The last team Bobby Orr played for was the Chigaco Blackhawks in the 76-77 season and the 77-78 season

The Chicago Blackhawks last playoff appearance?

In the 2008-2009 season and will make another appearance in the 2009-2010 season.

What was the last year the Chicago black hawks won the stanley cup?

The first Stanley Cup win for the Chicago Blackhawks was in 1934.

When was the last time the Chicago Blackhawks were in the Cup final?


Who was the last NHL team to win the Stanley Cup?

The Chicago Blackhawks won in 2015.

When was the last time the Chicago Blackhawks lost the Stanley Cup?

1992 against the Pittsburgh Penguins

Who sings the National Anthem at the Chicago Blackhawks games?

Jim Corneilson is the one who sings the national anthem.Sorry if I spelled his last name wrong!

What year did the Chicago Blackhawks last win the Stanley cup?

1994, the captain was mark messier. the winning goal of game 7 against vancouver in the finals was credited to messier. in the end the rangers won the stanely cup ending their 54 year drought and havent had to answer to islander fans since. Screw you islander fans.

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