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Q: Can you list all scottish rugby captains?
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Where can you purchase a Scotland Rugby shirt?

"The World Rugby Shop offers all kinds of rugby gear, including shirts. Another source is Scottish Rugby. They also sell other types of rugby equipment besides shirts."

Name all the cities in Scotland?

In the link below, you will find a list of all Scottish cities.

List all cricket coaches captains of all countries?

There are over 200 cricket coaches in all countries, some of them are Denis Aberhart, John Bracewell, and Grant Bradburn.

Who are Captains of Stanley cup champs?

It would take too long to list all the captains right here. I'd suggest you check a good hockey website like that of the Hockey News or for a complete list or simply use Google or some other search engine to find your info.

Who were the captains of industry and what was their industry?

The captains of idustry were millionaire who controlled a monopolized all industry in the country.

List of all sports in the world?

bull riding football rugby tennis baseball badminton skiing boxing hockey golf...

List of different sports?

AFL soccer hockey rugby NBA (basketballp) Lecross Pushbike riding thats all i can think of

What is the name of the All blacks captains name?

there are a lot of captains but the top captain is Richard 'Richie McCaw'

How do you say Rugby in German?

Rugby is "das Rugby" not different at all. Ich will Rugby spielen. - I want to play Rugby.

Who is James Nicholas?

He is a rugby boss in the All Blacks. He is a rugby boss

Who are the past all blacks captains?

the current All Black captain is Richard 'Richie' McCaw'

What went well at the rugby world cup in rugby?

that the all blacks won