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One answer:No - the runners may not advance beyond where they were - or more specifically, where they were about to go - at the time.

A batted ball that hits a runner is a "dead ball."

Another answer:If, however, the batted ball first touched a defensive player or umpire prior to being touched by the runner, the runner is not out and the ball is live.

If the umpire calls interference on the runner, the ball is dead, the batter is awarded first base, and all runners return to the base they last occupied at the beginning of the play (not to the base they were about to go to at the time).

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The batter must return to the base when the pitcher is in the circle with the ball. However, as soon as the ball leaves the pitcher's hand, the runner may take a lead off or try to steal.

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Once the ball goes out of play, the number of bases the runner is to advance will depend on the ground rules at that ball park, generally when a ball goes out of play the runner gets 1 base

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Q: Can the runner in baseball advance after he is hit by a thrown ball and it goes out of bounds?
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Can he advance after he is hit by a thrown ball if it goes out of bounds?

NO... anyball landing foul is a foul ball and is a dead ball ...Clarification:the way i read this question is "if a thrown ball hits a runner and goes out of play can the runner advance?" -- If this is the question you are asking, then, yes, a runner can advance on a thrown ball that goes out of play. Runner will be allowed to advance 1 base after the ball goes out of play. The only time this wouldn't be the case is if the runner was running to 1st and the ball hits him and it is deemed interference, he would then be called out.The question is a bit unclear, so it really depends on what you are asking

Is the runner alllowed to advance after he is hit by a thrown ball and it goes out of bounds?

YES... the ball is always live till the umpire stops play ... if the ball goes into the dugout the runner get one (1) base if the goes into the stands the runner take two (2) bases... if there's a runner on base they take the next open base...

Can you get 6 hits and no runs?

yes, single, single and the runner is thrown out trying to advance from first to third, 1 out, single and the runner is thrown out trying to advance to third, 2 out, single runner to 2nd, single runners to second and third, a line drive to left and they throw the runner out going to second but it is ruled a single.

What if the runner never tags up on a fly ball proceeds to run the bases and the ball is thrown out of play what's the ruling?

Runner would advance a base but if appealed that runner could be out.

In baseball if there are two outs and a runner on third and the batter hits a ground ball and is thrown out at first does a run score if the runner got home before the batter was thrown out?

nope, as long as you get the out no runs count.

What is the scoring if you cannot assume an IF could get the batter but the runner makes a delayed attempt to advance on a bobbled ball and gets thrown out or caught in a rundown?

fielders choice

What is a rundown in softball?

When the ball is thrown to a base where the runner is trying to advance. The runner instead of continuing to the base stops and tries to return to the base from which they came. The fielder then throws the ball to that base causing the runner to change their direction again and so forth until the runner is tagged out or safely reaches a base.

Do runners at first and 3rd advance one base if a line drive is caught and in the process of doubling the runner off of first baseball is trown out of play?

if the run scores from third before the runner at 2nd is declared out the run stands if not then no run....i.e. in anything highschool level and under to little league a startegy its to get into a rundown in between 1st and 2nd allowing the runner from third to score

Can a boy when he steals 2nd base and the throw to 2nd goess into outfield can the runner advance to 3rd or is this a one base at a time deal?

When the ball is in play, a base runner can always ATTEMPT to advance to the next base. He is allowed to advance to next base if the ball was badly thrown during an attempted steal of an earlier base. Note that, if the outfielder throws the ball to third base and the third baseman tags the runner before he gets to third base, the runner is out -- just like any other attempt to "steal" a base.

Can a runner advance on a wild pitch that goes out of play in little league?

Yes, i believe they are awarded two bases. just like in the majors if the ball gets thrown into crowd.

Whats is a dead ball in baseball?

When the ball is thrown and it hits the ground it's dead. Or if the runner loses the ball after his knee is down the ball is dead. And in cases where flags are thrown the ball and the play is dead.

What is the ruling if a thrown ball is touched by detached illegal equipment?

Per MLB rule 7.05(d), each runner, including the batter-runner, may advance two bases, if a fielder deliberately touches a thrown ball with his cap, mask or any part of his uniform detached from its proper place on his person. The ball is in play.