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yes, a high school softball catchers glove can be white.

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Q: Can a high school softball catchers mitt be white?
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What is softball pitching distance for Illinois high schools?

what is the Illinois high school softball pitching distance

Spikes or cleats for high school softball?


What kind of education or certificate do you need to be a girls high school softball coach?

at least high school

Does lassen high school in susanville have girls softball?

There is a girls softball team but it isn't related to LHS There is a girls softball team but it isn't related to LHS

Did sara bareilles play softball in high school?

Yes, Sara Bareilles played right field during high school.

Who are the lady hounds?

the lady hounds are the New Wilmington Area High School softball team.....the greatest softball team ever

What are girls high school fast pitch softball baselines?

Each baseline is 60 feet in softball. i hope i answered that correctly. : ))

How much do you have to run if you are on a high school softball team?

It really depends on your coach....

What does CAFN stand for in high school softball?

Conquer All Fear None

What is the minus bat drop requirement for high school softball?

There is no limit to the drop; that only applies to baseball. The only requirement for a softball bat to be used in high school softball is that it must be ASA (Amateur Softball Association) approved and so marked on the bat. The current marking is the phrase ASA 2004 inside the outline of a home plate.

When did high school pitching for softball distance change?

no, it is 43 ft...but high school and asa has been changed to 43 ft also

Is the international softball rule used in high school softball?

I assume you are referring to the international tie breaking procedure. It can be used as a state adoption. Please check with your states high school athletic association to see if they have adopted the rule.