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yes, i bet you'll see it in the 2010 dunk contest

negatory LeBron James has made many trys at it but when he jumps he was steping on the line or already over the line. but he is offaly close though if he really wanted it he could. lebron wishes he could be as good as Kobe Kobe he's just a freakin beast he cant be touched the only way to stop him is to foul Kobe will shoot and wet three's like there nothing. lebrn is neck on neck at dunking but he isn't the best at three pointers

when lebron gets a roll at shooting three pointers he cant be stopped but Kobe he wets three's when needed on anybody. an other thing is to be the best you must know how to lose lebron in the 08-09 season when his team did'NT make it to the final's he did'NT shake anyones hand he just went straight to the shower's if you ask me that's just a bumb move also that's just poor sport's men ship. he must learn that befor he becomes the best in the game. Kobe can easily beat Micheal Jordan he needs three more rings. Kobe already has more skills than Micheal will ever have.

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Q: Can LeBron James dunk from the free throw line?
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Who is better at dunking Blake Griffin or Vince Carter?

Kobe bryant thinks vince is better but thats just because hes jealous of lebron because for one thing lebron has dubked from free throw line and he can do any dunk that is possible to do plus when lebron james jumps as high as he can for a dunk his head and sometimes shoulder goes over the 10 ft rim, so obviously lebron is better

Did Michael Jordan ever dunk from the free throw line in the pros?

Yes in the 1988 dunk contest he dunked it from the free throw line

Who intvinted the dunk on basketball?

Julius Erving brought the NBA its dunk and is better than Jordan. Jordan has done a free throw line dunk but Julius Erving invented the free throw line dunk. Julius"Dr J" Erving is the king of dunk. Check out youtube and type "Top 10 Julius Erving dunks". Enjoy.=)

Can LeBron James fly?

Yes he can, but not literally. In the NBA, flying means jumping above the rim and dunking the ball behind the free throw line.

What did Michael Jordan do that people remember him for?

he jumped from the free throw line for a slam dunk

Where do LeBron James go?

Lebron James played basketball for the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2009-2010 and is a free agent in the summer of 2010.

Who was the first person to dunk from the foul line?

No he was not, Dr. J was the first person to dunk from the Free throw line in the 1976 Dunk Contest. In 1976 Mj was only 13 years old

Is lebron James going to be a free agent in 2010?


When did Michael dunk from the free throw?

Michael Jordan attended the Slam dunk contest 3rd times (1985 (finished 2nd),1987 1st,1988 1st) He dunked from free throw line in 1985 but this dunk is less famous than the two he did from the free throw line in 1987 and 1988. Dunk from the 1987 Slam Dunk Contest is the most popular.

What is a Ball that is shot inside the three point line is not a free throw?

It can be a dunk, lay up, or midrange shot.

How many people can dunk from the free throw line?

Dr. J Michael Jordan John Barry Serge Ibaka

Where can you get a lebron James poster for free in actoin all-stars?

In the Ballers Hall