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They were known as the Phoenix Cardinals before they changed their name to the Arizona Cardinals before the 1994 season.

Before that, they were the St. Louis Cardinals (1960-1986) and the Chicago Cardinals (1898-1959).

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Are you asking where they played or what they were known as?

They were originally the Morgan Athletic Club when they were founded in 1898 and became the Chicago Cardinals when they joined the NFL in 1920. They were the St. Louis Cardinals from 1960 through 1986, and they were the Phoenix Cardinals from 1987 through 1993. They changed their name to the Arizona Cardinals in 1994.

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Q: Arizona Cardinals where known as who before they were Arizona Cardinals?
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What team did the Arizona Cardinals used to be?

they were the St. Louis Cardinals before moving to Arizona and they were the Chicago Cardinals before that.

What was the Arizona team called before the cardinals?

The team got the nickname Cardinals in the 1900 season. Prior to that, the Cardinals were known as the Perfectos and, before that, the Brown Stockings.

What is the first NFL team?

Arizona cardinals (at that time the where known as st. Luis cardinals)

Which cities have the Arizona Cardinals been in?

Chicago and St. Louis before moving to Arizona.

What division are the Az Cardinals in?

The Az Cardinals can also be known at the Arizona Cardinals, and are an American football team. At the moment, the Az Cardinals are in the Western Division of the National Football Conference.

When did Arizona play in a Super Bowl before?

The Arizona Cardinals have never played in a Super Bowl to date.

When was Arizona Cardinals created?

Arizona Cardinals was created in 1898.

When did cardinals move to Arizona?

In the Spring of 1988, the St. Louis Cardinals, moved to Arizona. The Cardinals are the longest standing NFL franchise. Ref:

When did Arizona get a pro football team?

Arizona acquired a football team when St. Louis Cardinals' owner Bill Bidwell moved his franchise from Missouri to Phoenix after the 1987 season. The team was named the Phoenix Cardinals from 1988-1993. From 1994 onward, they have been known as the Arizona Cardinals

Who was StLouis before Rams?

The St. Louis Cardinals which are now in Arizona and began in Chicago.

When did the Cardinals become the Arizona Cardinals?

In 1988, they moved to phoenix. In March 1994, they changed there name from Phoenix cardinals to Arizona cardinals.

What font is used for the Arizona Cardinals?

What font is the Arizona cardinals logo? Their Marketing department says it is Gotham.