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they were the St. Louis Cardinals before moving to Arizona and they were the Chicago Cardinals before that.

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Q: What team did the Arizona Cardinals used to be?
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What team used to be the fifth team in the NFC East?

St. Louis/Arizona Cardinals

What is a sports team from Arizona?

The Arizona Cardinals.

Where are The cardinal football team from?

the cardinal team are from Arizona[ the Arizona cardinals]

What is the name of the NFL team in Arizona?


What state do the Arizona Cardinals play?

The Arizona Cardinals are a professional American football team in the National Football League. The team is based in the Phoenix, Arizona metropolitan area.

Which team does Kurt warner play for?

He used to play for the Arizona Cardinals but this year he retired

When did Arizona Cardinals team start?

They became a team in 1898 and moved to Arizona in 1988

What was the Arizona team called before the cardinals?

The team got the nickname Cardinals in the 1900 season. Prior to that, the Cardinals were known as the Perfectos and, before that, the Brown Stockings.

What team is the oldest team in existence in the NFL?

Arizona Cardinals

The football team the cardinals are from what state?


What is the Arizona Cardinals Football Team Mascot?

Big Red (a cardinal)

What team did Emmit Smith retire with?

The Arizona Cardinals