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Yes. As long as you do not touch the ball with your arms or hands, anything goes. However, expect that if you start doing tricks in the middle of the game, most players or supporters would view it as unsportsmanlike and possibly inflammatory.

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Q: Are you allowed to do soccer tricks in the game?
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What is the primary difference between traditional soccer and freestyle soccer?

Freestyle soccer has been around since 1900 but has recently seen an increase in popularity. It is the art of using your body to perform tricks with the soccer ball. One of the tricks are sitting down and using your legs to keep the ball aloft. It can exist on its own or as a part of a traditional soccer game. The traditional game focuses on teamwork and standard moves such as kicking or using your head to hit the ball.

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Who is the only person allowed to touch the ball with ther hands in a soccer game?

The goalie is the only person that can touch the ball during the soccer game unless it is a throw in then the defence can use their hands to throw it in. or the ref

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