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no, but in some countries you cant foul out and there are no technical fouls......... the world i wish i lived in......... anyway, in some countries only women play Basketball.... as it says in the new movie: Maid of Honor

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I actually don't know the answer to this question. I think so though. Because, in China, they speak Chinese.

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Q: Are there different rules for volleyball in different countries?
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Is volleyball different from when it was first made?

well the rules have changed

For Netball are different rules used in different countries?

no same rules in all countries

Are the olympic beach volleyball rules different from the fivb beach volleyball rules?

They are using the rally point system which mean they can score no matter which side served. They are using the rally point system which mean they can score no matter which side served.

Does the libero wear a different color top?

The Libero in Volleyball is like a GoalKeeper in Soccer, The Libero is the most skilled defender in Volleyball. And in the rules of volleyball the Libero must wear a contrasting outfit to the team

How do you make a phrase that put together the history of volleyball indoors outdoors volleyball and the rules of volleyball?

think, look up the rules for both indoor and outdoor volleyball and make a phrase that's like catchy or something (:

What are the Volleyball rules for senior citizens?

Well, they are the same, but you should adjust the rules to make it easier for people whose bodies cant take the real rules of volleyball.

Rules and violation of volley ball?

well there are alot of rules to volleyball...

What countries besides the US play volleyball?

There are many countries play volleyball besides the US. I think almost all the countries play volleyball, but besides US, Japan, England, China and Canada also play volleyball~

Do you need a visa to Finland in Europe?

That would depend on where you are from. Different countries have different rules and arrangements with other countries.

Who wrote the first rule of volleyball?

Wiliam Morgan invented Volleyball and wrote the rules.

Are golf rules different in different countries ie for lost balls and out of bounds?


What are the rules of Olympic Indoor volleyball?