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The Libero in Volleyball is like a GoalKeeper in Soccer, The Libero is the most skilled defender in Volleyball. And in the rules of volleyball the Libero must wear a contrasting outfit to the team

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Yes, so they can be easily identified while they are switching in and out for different people.

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Q: Does the libero wear a different color top?
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Why are the Team US women's volleyball uniforms inconsistent?

If you mean that someone is wearing a different color that is because there is a player called a Libero who is a defensive specialist that can come in and out of the game for defensive purposes but does not count as a substitution. They wear a contrasting color top to distinguish themselves from the rest of the players.

Why is there one odd shirt in a volleyball team kit?

The person with the different colored shirt is usually the best defensive player on the team, and us called the libero.

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The goal keeper must wear a jersey distinguishable from his team and the opposing team. This is almost always interpreted to mean he must wear a different color.

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How is a libero different than a digger in volleyball?

D.S.' are treated as regular players in terms of rotations and rules. They are subbed in when a front row player gets to the back row, then back out when the DS gets to the front row. A libero is a special player with the same skills as a DS, but has a slightly different set of rules. Liberos can sub an unlimited amount of times, and in some leagues, cannot serve. (though this is uncommon) Liberos also cannot set a front row player in front or on the attack line, nor can they attack when the ball is over the top of the net. In short words, A DS costs the team a substitution and can only go in for one position (one person). A Libero can go in for any person so long as they are back row. Liberos can also serve now, but only in one position.

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