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football team, they are the New England Patriots

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Q: Are the patriots a football team or a hockey team?
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Are the patriots a football or hockey team?

both and there a baseball team newtest3

What football team is more popliar the giants or the patriots?


Are the patriots the best football team in the NFL?

Yes the patriots are the best team in the nfl because it is my team

Does Indiana have a hockey team?

No they do not they only have a Minor League hockey team and Football and Basketball team!

What are the patriots?

The Patriots are a professional football team who play in the AFC East division of the National Football League.

What is Bill Cosby's favorite football team?


What is Boston's football team?

The New England Patriots.

Who is the most hated NFL football team?


What is Massachusetts's football team?

The New England Patriots

What is santas favorite football team?

The Patriots, for sure.

What is scotty mccreery's favorite football team?


Who is Toby keiths favorite football team?


Who owns the Patriots Football team?

Robert Kraft

Wait is the coolest team in American football?

the Patriots

What is the name of Bostons football team?

Boston does not have a football team... But about 20 miles away is the patriots in Foxbourgh!

When was the New England Patriots the football team created?

The Patriots first season was 1960. They were known as the Boston Patriots.

Who was the patriot team in 1775?

The Patriots didn't have a football team until 1959.

What NFL team has the better overall football team?

New England Patriots

What are the NFL football team in Massachusetts?

The team for the new England area is the patriots.

What is john cenas favorite football team?

John Cenas favorite football team is the vikings.

What is john cena favorite football team?

John Cena favorite football team is the New England Patriots

What football team is way better Atlanta or Miami?

The Patriots.

Which football team is furthest east?

New England Patriots

Who is your least favourite football team?

The New England Patriots!

What is the Patriots Football team colors?

Red white and blue