Alabama football losses 2 in a row?

Updated: 12/5/2022
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Q: Alabama football losses 2 in a row?
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What was the first state to win a national championship and the Heisman Trophy 2 years in a row and what were the teams?

Alabama. Alabama & Auburn

Who leads the lsu Alabama series in collage football?

Alabama leads 2-1-1

How many times has Alabama beaten Lsu in college football?


What was Alabama football record in 1956?

2-7-1 (2-5 sec)

2 player on Alabama 92 championship team?

#2 on the 1992 Alabama football team was "The Duece" David Palmer

Does Alabama football player Trent Richardson have children?

yes 2 girls

What was Tommy tuberville's record vs Alabama while at auburn?

8 wins 2 losses

Which states names contain two of the same letter in a row?

Alabama, Alaska, Arizona.

What is the University of Alabama's record against Texas A and M University?

The University of Alabama has 3 wins and 2 losses against Texas A & M University.

What year did Alabama play first football game?

Alabama started playing foot ball in 1892. Their record was 2-2.

What coaches won the sec football championship at 2 schools?

Bear Bryant - Kentucky & Alabama Nick Saban - LSU & Alabama Common denominator - ALABAMA 13 of them

What ranking is Alabama in for college football for 2011?

bama is ranked #2 in bcs poll