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Bear Bryant - Kentucky & Alabama

Nick Saban - LSU & Alabama

Common denominator - ALABAMA 13 of them

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2010-12-04 22:52:38
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Q: What coaches won the sec football championship at 2 schools?
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Which SEC football coaches have the most wins ever?

Paul "Bear" Bryant holds the record for most wins ever among Southeastern Conference (SEC) football coaches with 323.

What is Alabama's football record against the other SEC schools?

university of Alabama's football record against the other sec schools

How many sec schools have not won a nation championship?


Who lost the 1933 sec football championship?

Miss St.

Name the team that has won the SEC Championship but is no longer in the SEC?

Georgia Tech won the SEC football titles in 1939, 1944, 1951, and 1952. Tulane won titles in 1934, 1939, and 1949. (1939 was coincidentally a tie between the two schools.) The only other team to leave the SEC was Suwanee, who despite earlier football success, never won a football game in their time in the SEC.

How many football championship has UF won?

UF have won three nations championship and nine SEC

Who are the top three winning sec football coaches?

Bear Bryant Vince Dooley Johnny Vaught

What 2 sec coaches havewon sec titles with 2 different schools in the sec?

Nick Saban with Alabama and LSU and also Bear Bryant with Alabama---and he also won at Kentucky!

How many times has vanderbilt won the sec championship?

In football, Vandy has never won an SEC championship. Their last title came in 1923 as co-champs of the Southern Conference.

Who has played in the SEC football Championship game in 2008?

In 2008 the teams were Alabama and Florida

Which 2 head coaches have won an sec championship with different teams?

Nick Saban (Alabama&LSU) & Bear Bryant (Alabama&Kentucky)

How many national football championship has the sec won in the last 15 years?

they have won 2

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