Where do the la rams play now?

Updated: 9/26/2023
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Q: Where do the la rams play now?
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Did the NFL Rams ever play in Oakland?

No, they were originally in Cleveland and have been in LA and now are in ST. Louis. They were named after the college team the fordham rams because it was the original owners favorite team.

Who did jack bighead play for?

Baltimore Colts & LA Rams

What stadium did the LA Rams play in?

The Rams played home games at the LA Memorial Coliseum between 1946-1979 and Anaheim Stadium between 1980-1994.

Who was the first black to play for the LA Rams?

The Rams signed Kenny Washington on March 21, 1946 to become the first NFL team to integrate.

Have the Rams always been the St. Louis Rams?

NO- they were the LA rams not long ago.

What NFL team does John david Washington play for now?

st Louis rams

Twin brothers on the LA Rams?

The twin brothers who played for the LA Rams were Merlin Olsen and Phil Olsen

Would the la Rams ever play the Oakland raiders?

Yes. Every fourth season in the regular scheduling rotation.

Who wore 27 for the LA Rams?

marshal fualk

Who were the 1983 LA Rams Cheerleaders?

I'm not sure there is only one girl to name as the "oldest" Rams cheerleader, but I do know that the first Rams cheerleaders in LA cheered at the coliseum and were nicknamed The Embraceable Ewes! I cheered for the Rams 1986-91 and fans were still trying to call us that!

How many NFL teams play in a college stadium?

One NFL team plays in a college stadium, the LA Rams, who play in the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, home of the USC Trojans.

What team does NFL taem rams play for?

do you mean what city? if you do then St. Louis Rams