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There were a few added and dropped, Nagano was the first for Snowboarding and is likely what you are referring to.

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Q: Witch event was added in 1998 Nagano Olympic Games?
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What Olympic games will be added in the future?

Baseball and softball are Olympic games that will be added in the future. Squash and wrestling are also being considered for future Olympic games.

What new games have been added to the Olympic games?

Football Has been added

Which two events will be added in the 2016 olympic games?

Rugby sevens (a seven-player variant of rugby) and golf are being added to the 2016 Olympic games.

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In what year was softball added to the olympic games?


What year was softball added to the olympic games?


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When was snowboarding added to the winter Olympics?

Although it was already gaining popularity in the 1980s, it was only in the 1999 Winter Games in Nagano, Japan that it became a part of the quadrennial event.Snowboarding's first year in the Olympics was in 1998 at Nagano, came to the Olympics in 1898 feb 28

Which sport was added to the 1984 Summer Olympic Games?

Your Answer: Synchronized Swimming

When were winter games added to Olympic games?

1924, the first Winter games.

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womens softball