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because they wear the long robes which causes them to maybe trip or sweat a lot.

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Q: Why has it been difficult for Muslim women to participate in sports?
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Which sports did women participate in?

Competitive sandwich making

Do Muslim women participate in in Friday prayers?

Yes Muslim women can participate on Juma prayer. But prophet (sws) said women best place is to pray is her home, but if they want to go to the masjid to pray no one can stop them.`

Which sports did women first participate in?

Competitive sandwich making

What sports do Muslim women play?

Muslim women play cricket it is an ideAl sport for them because it doesn't exploit them . Such as swimming .

Which sport can woman be in?

In modern countries women can participate in all sports.

What are the first three sports women were allowed to participate in at the Olympics?

The 3 sports were tennis, golf, and croquet. This occurred in 1900 when 19 women participated in the aforementioned sports.

How many women participate in sports?

These figures do not exist, unfortunately. The world is too big for a survey of this scale to be conducted. At an educated guess, the same as the amount of men who participate in sports.

What sports did ancient greek women play?

They weren't allowed to participate. They belong in the kitchen.

Why did women's sports change after 1974 because of title ix?

Because by law, women were given equal opportunity to participate.

What year were women allowed to participate in ladylike Olympic sports?

The first Olympic Games in which women participated were those of Amsterdam, in 1928.

What were the first three sports women were allowed to participate in?

At the Olympics, that was golf, tennis, and croquet at the 1900 Games in Paris.

Women in sports look masculine and unattractive?

no, women who play sports look healthier, more fit and happier than many women who do not participate in sports. building some muscle while training in sports can actually be attractive to a lot of guys because they refine their bodies and define curves through exercise rather than dieting.