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You use it to see if you reached your target heart rate for your body.

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Q: Why do you do a pulse raiser?
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3 phases of a warm up?

There is normally only two parts of a warm up, this is called a pulse raiser. It starts off by doing a light jog, and then doing some stretches, you do these twice so that your body can be prepared for the sport or activity you are doing.

What are three phases of a warm up?

In sport they areA pulse raising activity e.g. joggingStretchingSport related practicing e.g. kicking a ball around etc.

What are the three components of warm up?

the 3 components of a warm up are 1) Pulse rate check 2) Stretching 3) Game/sport related activity. These all physically and mentally prepare you for your game/sport.

When people watch exciting sports their pulse rate increases why?

People become attached to their team or person that they enjoy watching. They feel attached and can feel like they know everything about them. When there is a large event they get a feeling in them which tell them to react and makes them nervous. This can be because of school mates, family, work collieges, etc. Overall it is a reaction to peer preasure and other influences like connections.

What year was instant replay first used?

A 1950s episode of Hockey Night in Canada (HNIC) used a wet-film-replay, minutes later. On live television, CBS director Tony Verna invented a system to enable a standard videotape machine to instantly replay on 7 December 1963, for the network's coverage of the Army-Navy Game.[1] After technical hitches, the only replay broadcast was Rollie Stichweh's winning touchdown. It was replayed at the original speed, with commentator Lindsey Nelson advising viewers "Ladies and gentlemen, Army did not score again!"[1] Slow motion replay was initiated a few years later by ABC.[1] Replay from analog disk storage was trialled by CBS in 1965, and commercialized in 1967 by the Ampex HS-100, which had a 30-second capacity and freeze frame capability.[2] TONY VERNA "The Man Who Invented Instant Replay." ISBN-13: 978-0-9779131-4-5 PLEASE CORRECT YOUR COPY cc: Weissmann Wolff attorneys. TONY VERNA "The Man Who Invented the Instant Replay" Television Producer/Director, Author, Inventor Born Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. In his conversational autobiography, "Instant Replay the day that changed sports forever" Tony Verna is more than "The Man Who Invented Instant Replay." Before he received the Directors Guild of America's "Lifetime Achievement Award" in 1995, he'd directed five Super Bowls and twelve Kentucky Derbies. He traveled to Mexico to direct their Soccer Championship and to direct their national rodeo, The Charreada. Then off to France, to direct the Grand Prix for Mexican Network. He was in Russia to direct The Mike Douglas Show live from Moscow, in London to direct the "World Circus," in Las Vegas to become President of Caesar's Palace Productions, in Ronald Reagan's home to direct an interview with the President, in the White House to film President George H.W. Bush. In 1985 Verna filmed a "Christmas Special" with Mother Teresa. That same year he co-produced and co-directed "Live Aid," Bob Geldof's 16- hour fund-raiser for Africa, seen by 1.5 billion people worldwide. He then created an international program for Pope John Paul II entitled "Prayer for World Peace." Over a billion people, breaking the record for the most viewers to witness a television program, saw the live telecast, which he also produced and directed. In 1987 Omni Magazine chose Verna as one of the "14 Great Minds" to predict the future. In 1990 he was the executive producer/director for Ted Turner's Goodwill Games. Also in 2006 The Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Foundation videotaped a five-hour interview with Verna, recapping his career, an interview which can be accessed at their website.

Related questions

What can you do for a pulse raiser?

in pulse raiser you can do running and sprinting. These things will pump your blood around the body.

What is a pulse raiser?

A pulse raiser is a activity that raises the heart rate it increase the blood flow through the active muscle and it also increase the body temperature.

What is pulse raiser?

A pulse raiser is a activity that raises the heart rate it increase the blood flow through the active muscle and it also increase the body temperature.

Why is a pulse raiser important?

pulse is important because its the who serve you as the secondary part of the heart

How long should a pulse raiser be in exercise?

it should be 5-10 minutes

What is the purpose of a pulse raiser?

you do a pulse raiser to improve flexability in joints,and the process of speeding up the delivery of oxegen to the muscules it prepares the body for exorcise. it also loosens our muscles allowing us to give a better performance in whatever sport

Is weight lifting a pulse raiser?

No, it builds up the muscle in your arms, but does not allow you to actually lose weight!

Why do you doing a pulse raiser?

A pulse reiaser, raises the heart rate leading to increased stroke volume and cardiac output, so more oxygen and nutrients can get to the working muscles faster

What is a good pulse raiser for netball?

You have pulse raisers to increase the blood flow to your muscles and also to get you warm. A good one for netball could simply running around the Court 2-3 times.

What are the three stages of a training session?

pulse raiser, stretching and skill related warm up

What do dance teachers need to know about dance?

Different types of dances and the streches you need to do before a dance(pulse raiser,joint mobility and streches)

What are the Qualification of a swine raiser?

Qualifications of a Good Swine Raiser

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