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The Olympics are held every four years because the Ancient Games held at Olympia in Greece, were held every four years. The time in between the Ancient Games was called the Olympiad and was used for dating purposes!

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Q: Why are the Olympics held every 4 years and not every year?
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Is the summer Olympics held every year?

The summer Olympics is held every four years.

How often are the Olympics held every year?

they are held every 4 years

Are the winter Olympics held every winter?

The Winter Olympics are held every fourth year, two years after the Summer Olympics.

Olympics are held every year?

They are held 4 years apart.

Are the Olympics held every year?

No. they are held every two years in alternatives. they have winter olympics, then two years later summer olympics, then back to winter two years later.

Summer Olympics occurs every how many year?

4 years 4 yearsThe Summer Olympics are held once every 4 years.

Summer Olympics is held every what year?

The summer Olympics takes place every leap year/4 years.

In 2011 were will the winter Olympics be held?

There isn't a winter Olympics held every year, just every four years. In four years, 2014, the winter Olympics will be held in Russia. The summer Olympics are in two years, 2012, in London.

The winter Olympics are held after how many years?

every 4th year

Is the Olympics always at the same time of the year?

The Olympics are held every 4 years. The Winter Olympics is held in January and February and the Summer Olympics are held in July and August.

Does the winter Olympics come every 4or 2 years?

The Winter Olympics is held every four years, just like the Summer Olympics. Since 1988 they have been held two years after the previous Summer Olympics date. Prior to that time, they were held in the same year as the Summer Olympics was held.

Where will the Olympics be held in the next three years?

The Summer Olympics are held once every Four years, and the Winter Olympics are held at two year intervals between the summer sessions, on even numbered years.

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