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The Winter Olympics is held every four years, just like the Summer Olympics. Since 1988 they have been held two years after the previous Summer Olympics date. Prior to that time, they were held in the same year as the Summer Olympics was held.

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Q: Does the winter Olympics come every 4or 2 years?
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Why is there no Summer Olympics in 2010?

because the summer Olympics come every 4 years and so do the winter Olympics. they alternate every 2 years. so this year is winter and in 2 years in summer

Does the Olympics come every winter?


How often do the summer Olympics ocuur?

The Summer Olympics occur every 4 years, and the same goes for Winter Olympics; except Winter Olympics take place always 2 years after the Summer Olympics. For example, Summer Olympics went to Beijing in 2008, Winter Olympics went to Vancouver in 2010, and Summer Olympics will come back on in 2012 in London.

When do the Olympics come?

On the leap years. Every four years, but the Winter and Summer Olympics are staggered so that a ceremony takes place every four years. 2000 -- Sydney -- Summer 2002 -- Salt Lake City -- Winter 2004 -- Athens -- Summer 2006 -- Turin -- Winter 2008 -- Beijing -- Summer 2010 -- Vancouver -- Winter 2012 -- London -- Summe

Summer Olympics come every how many years?

the Summer and winter Olympics are held every 4 years and over millens of people go and play and some watch the game and I don't know why go on and findout.

When do the summer Olympics come on?

every 4 years.

How often do the Olympics come about?

Every 4 years.

The Olympics come around every what years?

Every 4 Yrs

How many other Olympics Winter Games has there been?

These are the "games of the 20th Winter Olympiad", meaning that there were 19 previous events. In general, the Olympics come every 4 years. The exceptions were 1992/1994--that's when they decided to do the Summer and Winter games in separate years, so there's some kind of Olympics every two years. Also, there were no games during World War II (1940/1944). The first Winter Games were held in 1924.

How often do the summer Olympics come?

Every 4 years

How many years does the summer Olympics come?

It occurs every 4 years

How often dose the Olympics come around?

Every four years.

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