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you need know how to play sport and be confident with children and enthusiastic about your job.

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Q: Why are sport specific skills important within sport?
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Why are sport specific skills important?

specific skills in sports are important because skills turn into performance. Such as athletic ability, knowledge, experience and God given ability. Examples are leaping, speed, coordination and teamwork :)

Why is selective attention important in sport?

It is important in sports because playing sports requires different skills. Learning and practicing the use of skill enhances performance in the sporting activity. Now, when we are new to a sport, we tend to ignore important facts and skills of the sport. Hence, selective attention helps us to ignore unnecessary factors and concentrate on important factors involve with the certain sport. It is important for athletes to learn skills without frustration or disturbances and gives us the ability to focus and concentrate even more.

Why is it good to go to a sport club?

To develop the fitness and skills required to participate and to learn to play within the rules.

What does sport specific training mean?

It means training for a specific sport.

When is a sport classified as intramural?

A sport is classified as intramural contest when it is set up to take place between a set of teams that are located within a specific geographical area.

Why is teamwork important in a sport?

Teamwork is important in a sport

Why is speed important in sport?

Speed is not always important in sport. It's relative to the sport you are participating in.

What kind of skills do you need for the Olympics?

This depends on the sport you want to play during the summer or winter Olympics. The most common skills needed for any sport are endurance, drive, will to win, and the most important ones of all, team work and support.

Why is skill related fitness important?

too develope skills in sports so yuo can cross them und be guud in any sport

Which sport uses striking skills?


When to use particular skills?

it depends... which sport?

What sport was the oldest human skills?


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