Who wore the 38?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Previously worn by Kerrea Gilbert & Mark Randall, the no. 38 shirt is now vacant and wil be taken up by Kaka in January.

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Q: Who wore the 38?
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Who wore Mancunian republic 2010-2011 season jersey number 38?

Nobody wore jersey number 38 for mancunian republic in 2010-2011.

Which Cleveland Indians players wore number 38?

victor martinez

Who wore number 38 on the bears?

Daniel Manning who plays Free Saftey

What famous NFL players wore number 38?

Daryl "Moose" Johnson for the Cowboys and Stephen Davis for the Panthers wore number 48

Famous athletes who wore number 38?

Larry Bird- Boston Celtics Patrick Ewing- New York Knicks Kareem Abdul-Jabar- Los Angelas Lakers

When did john love play for the Pittsburgh Steelers?

John Love played for the Pittsburgh (Pirates) Steelers in 1934. He wore number 38.

What is Marilyn Manson's shoe size?

He wears a 10.

Who wore 99 for the Yankees?

Brian Bruney currently wears it. He switched mid-season from number 38 to 99 in 2009. Before 2009, he wore number 33, now worn by Nick Swisher.

What was Michael Morse's uniform number when he played for the San Francisco Giants?

During his only season with the San Francisco Giants -- 2014 -- Michael Morse wore No. 38.

What number did former running back kimble anders wear?

Kimble Anders wore #38 during his ten year career (1991-2000) with the Kansas City Chiefs.

What number did John Elway wear?

John Elway wore the number seven on his jersey throughout his entire career.

Is the square root of 38 rational or irrational?