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The American League began using the DH in the 1973 season. The last AL pitcher to bat in the 1972 season was Rollie Fingers of the Oakland Athletics in Game 7 of the World Series. He grounded out to 3rd base in the 9th inning.

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Q: Who was the Last American league pitcher to hit before the DH went in to effect?
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In what league does the pitcher bat in?

The National League. The American League has a designated hitter.

In which league is there a designated hitter for the pitcher in MLB?

American League since 1973

Who is the best pitcher in the American league?

C.C Sabathia

Who was the first African American pitcher?

Dan Bankhead was the first African-American pitcher to play in a major league game.

Does the pitcher in a Major League Baseball game get to hit?

There are two leagues in American major league baseball, the American League and the National League. The American League has the designated hitter rule which allows for someone other than the pitcher to bat in the pitcher's place. The pitcher does not bat in the American League. The National League does not have the designated hitter rule. The pitcher does bat in the National League.

Why can't a good hitter and pitcher like Babe Ruth do both?

Well in the American league it is required to have a designated hitter for the pitcher but if the pitcher were to pitch in the national league the pitcher is required do both

Is the weight of a baseball different between the National league and the American league?

no... the only difference between American and national league is that there is a DH in the roster for American league and the pitcher doesnt bat in American league... other than that it is exactly the same

Can an national league teams use a dH instead of a pitcher to bat?

The only time a National League team can use a DH is when they are playing against an American League in their stadium (so the National League team would be visitors). The opposite is true for the American League.. if they are playing a National League team in their stadium (so the American League would be visitors) they are required to have their pitcher bat

Which pitcher led the American League in saves from 1970 to 1979?

Sparky Lyle had a total of 190 saves from 1970 to 1979 in the American league.

What is the difference in the ball used in the American League vs the ball used in the National League?

There are no differences in the baseballs used on either league. The only difference is the American League has a Designated Hitter who bats for the pitcher, but the pitcher must bat in the National League. If a game is played between each league, the home team's rules apply.

What American League pitcher won the most games in a season?

Jack Chesbra

In the American league can the dh rule be optional?

Yes, but then the pitcher would have to bat