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Q: Who was Britain's highest paid sportsman in 1985?
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Who is second highest paid sportsman?

De La Hoya was the second highest paid sportsman in 2007, hope that helps!

Who is the highest paid sportsman in the wold?

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Has beckham ever been the world richest sportsman in the world?

No, but in 2012 he was listed as Forbes' 8th highest paid athlete and in March 2015, the 2nd highest paid retired athlete.

Who is highest paid sportsman in the world?

AnswerAccording to Forbes.Com Tiger Woods made $110 million in the past twelve months, two and one half times his nearest competitor.He has been the highest paid sportsman in the world for the past eight years.See the related link.

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Who is Australia's top money earning sportsman?

Currently, Casey Stoner is the highest paid sportsman, or athlete. in Australia. In US dollars, he makes around 4.2 million dollars a year, just for winning his motor bike races.

Who is the most paid sportsman in 2k8?

tiger woods

Is a caddy really a sportsman?

Well no, not in my opinion. I doubt many would say a caddy is a sportsperson, not even a caddy would class themselves as a sportsperson. But I am guessing you are referring to the time Tiger Woods' caddy Steve Williams was named the highest paid Kiwi sportsman.

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1. Cristiano Ronaldo

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