Is a caddy really a sportsman?

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Well no, not in my opinion. I doubt many would say a caddy is a sportsperson, not even a caddy would class themselves as a sportsperson. But I am guessing you are referring to the time Tiger Woods' caddy Steve Williams was named the highest paid Kiwi sportsman.

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Q: Is a caddy really a sportsman?
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Who is the richest sportsman in New Zealand?

Steve, tiger woods' caddy

When was the golf caddy invented?

The golf caddy was never really invented, a golf caddy is a person who transports golf clubs around a golf course for the golfer. The use of a golf caddy dates back to the 16th century.

How much should you tip a caddy?

If the caddy is really good, tip how you feel at the end of the round. If you knock a few shots off your score, raise the tip accordingly.

What is Steve Williams Tiger Woods caddy nickname?

Stevie, he doesn't really have a nickname.

What do you call someone acting as a golfer's assistant?

Caddy these guys only really help professional golfers that are on the tour

What is plural form of caddy?

The plural of caddy is caddies.

What is the plural of caddy?

The plural form of caddy is caddies.

What is the duration of The Caddy?

The duration of The Caddy is 1.58 hours.

Where can you find the caddy in gta vice city?

You can get Caddy by cheat 'betterthanwalking' .You can also get caddy from the golf course.

How do you use caddy in a sentence?

My golf caddy carries my clubs.I keep loose leaf tea in a caddy.

The top 10 best sportsman ever?

There can't really be the top 10 best sportsman ever because people have different opinions and people say different things so there can't really be one

What training does a caddy need?

If you call a local golf course that has a caddy program, they will sign you up for three to four days of caddy lessons where you will be taught how to caddy by the caddy master, or assistant golf pro. Then you'll take a test and depending on your score youll become an offical caddy.

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