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Sports person to win both the Arjuna and the Dhronacharya awards for football?

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Q: Who is the only sports person to win both the arjuna and the dronacharya awards for football?
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Who are the sports person who have been honoured with both the arjuna and rajiv ghandhi khel ratna awards?

vijay kumar,yogeshwar dutt, saina nehwal,m.s dhoni,K.M beena mol are the ones who have secured arjuna and rajiv gandhi khel ratna award

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Who was the first sports person to win Arjuna Award?

Nandu Natekar won the first Arjuna Award in 1961.

Who was the first person to win arjuna award for badminton Pullela Gopichand Prakash Padukone Nandu Natekar Farook Engineer?

Nandu Natekar iwon the first Arjuna Award for badminton in 1961.

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