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Chris Paul by a longshot

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Q: Who is better baron Davis or chris paul?
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Who is better chris paul or rajon rondo?

chris paul is a better leader so i say chris paul

Who is better Nate Robinson or Chris Paul?

Chris Paul

Who is better chris paul or kobe bryant?

chris paul is better they played 1 on 1 to 30 chris paul won 30-18

Is chris paul better than Michael Jordan?

Chris Paul is just a little better than Michael Jordan. Chris is better at 3s and handling.

Who is better Allen Iverson vs Chris Paul?

chris paul of course. he is great. same with Allen iverson

Who is better Chris Paul or Paul Pierce?

Yes, Paul Pierce is slowing down a lttle due to age. so that makes chris paul better

Who is better chris paul or Steve Nash?

It very well may be chris paul.

Which is better derrick rose or chris paul?

Derrick Rose is a better point guard because he won MVP and Chris paul did not win MVP but Chris Paul is one of the best point guards in the nba.

Who is better Kobe or Chris paul?

In my opinion, Chris Paul is more of a team player. So I'm going to say Chris.

Is chris paul better than derrick rose?

Depends on if you want assists or scoring Chris Paul Averages more Assists than Derrick Rose but Derrick Rose averages more points but Chris Paul has better defense(steals) so i think Chris Paul

Who is better curry or Chris Paul?


Who is better Chris Paul or Gilbert Arenas?

If you compare Chris Paul and Gilbert Arenas Chris Paul would be better because he has been an all star 2 years in a row and Gilbert Arenas has only been once.