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Yes, Paul Pierce is slowing down a lttle due to age.

so that makes chris paul better

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โˆ™ 2012-04-30 21:47:46
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Q: Who is better Chris Paul or Paul Pierce?
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Who is better paul pierce or derick fisher?

Paul Pierce

Who is better Kevin durant or paul pierce?

Paul pierce overall Is better but kd will better in a while

Who is better paul pierce or ray Allen?

Paul Pierce is a much better player then ray allen

Who is better chris paul or rajon rondo?

chris paul is a better leader so i say chris paul

Is Allen Iverson better than Paul pierce?

This is no contest- Paul Pierce is clearly better. Allen Iverson has had a great career, but not as good as Paul Pierce- championships speak volumes. no Allen is better No Allen iverson is not compared to the points and strength of paul pierce

Who has the best fantasy bball team Max LeBron Chris Paul Josh Smith Paul Pierce Chris Bosh Gilbert Areneas or Sahil AI Gay Gerald W Harris or Joe Duncan Brand David West Igudala Joe Johnson Crawford?

Obviously Max has the better team with Lebron, Chris Paul, Paul Pierce, Gilbert Arenas, and Chris Bosh.

Is carmelo Anthony better or paul pierce?

Melo is slightly better in the season, but pierce is better in the Season?

Who is better Nate Robinson or Chris Paul?

Chris Paul

Who is better baron Davis or chris paul?

Chris Paul by a longshot

Who is better Tim Duncan or Chris Paul?

Tim duncan used to be better but chris paul is better now

Who is better chris paul or kobe bryant?

chris paul is better they played 1 on 1 to 30 chris paul won 30-18

Who is the best out of Kobe Bryant and paul pierce?

Kobe Bryant is way better than paul pierce no question about it..

Is Joe Johnson better than Paul Pierce?


Is chris paul better than Michael Jordan?

Chris Paul is just a little better than Michael Jordan. Chris is better at 3s and handling.

Who is better chris paul or carmelo Anthony?

these two are good athletes but chris paul is better then carmelo Anthony

Is Ron Artest better than Paul Pierce?

that is an opinionated question but, no i think paul is much better

Why does LeBron James dislike Paul Pierce?

because lebron James is a hater because paul pierce is better because paul won the championship

Who is better chris paul or Steve Nash?

It very well may be chris paul.

Who is better J Kidd or Paul Pierce?

J. Kidd!

Who is better Vince carter or Paul pierce?

Vince Carter

Who is better curry or Chris Paul?


Who is better Allen iverson or chris paul?

chris paul of course. he is great. same with Allen iverson

Who is a better defender Kobe Bryant or Paul pierce?

Kobe Bryant

Who do you think is a better player Kobe or paul pierce?

Kobe Bryant

Who is better Kobe or Chris paul?

In my opinion, Chris Paul is more of a team player. So I'm going to say Chris.