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This is a subjective question. The short answer would be Welker because he has greater versitility as a receiver, but Moss has superior ability to break open long plays.

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they are like the same but Larry Fitzgerald is much tougher and could hits more then randy moss

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Q: Who is better Randy moss or Larry Fitzgerald?
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Who is a better wr Larry Fitzgerald ot randy moss?

randy moss is better but Larry make better one handed catches

Who had the most receiving touchdowns last season?

Larry Fitzgerald and Randy moss. 13 TDs

Top five fastest people in the NFL?

1) Larry Fitzgerald 2) Devin hester 3) Randy Moss 4) Santana Moss 5) DeAngelo Hall

Who is better randy moss or terell Owens?

Randy Moss

Who is better randy moss or Chad Ochocinco?

Randy moss of course

Who is faster Randy Moss or De Sean Jackson?

Well they are both really good because randy moss has more catches but terrel Owens has more yards. So I would Say that randy moss is a little bit better

Who is better randy moss or Jerry rice?

Jerry Rice

Who is better warren sapp or randy moss?

Randy Moss one might think, but there is no real way to answer this question. Sapp and Moss played two different positions, so its impossible to compare their stats. Sapp was a great defensive lineman and Randy Moss is a great wide reciever.

Was randy moss better in Oakland Raiders?

No he was really not a team player on the raiders

What position does Randy Moss play?

Randy Moss is a wide reciever.

Who is faster Tom Brady or randy moss?

Randy Moss by alot

Is randy moss better than Santana moss?

Yes - he has been consistently more productive over the course of his career.